Patient Direct Ship Program

At Energique, providing the highest quality herbal, homeopathic and dietary supplements to support the health of your patients is our primary focus. Being able to make our products easily available while supporting the practitioner-patient relationship is an integral part of that focus. That is why we are proud to announce our Patient Direct Ship Program.

This easy program offers a simple way for you to assure that your patients get the supplements they need, while not having to stock supplements in your clinic or office. This gives your practice the flexibility to grow – without outgrowing your office space – and affords you more time to focus on helping your patients and less time processing supplement orders.


How it works:

Practitioner enrolls in the program

Patients place an order directly with Energique using your practitioner PDSP code

Energique ships and bills directly to the patient

Each month, receive up to 30% administrative dispensary earnings.

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After you enroll in our program, your patients will order products directly from us by phone or email at the suggested retail prices and you will receive your choice of a rebate or account credit each month of up to 30% of your patient’s retail purchases. Nothing could be simpler!
Take advantage of this program now! Print out this form, sign and return it to us at or fax to (877) 511-2181. If you have questions please call us at 800-869-8078.

Have Questions?  Call us at 800-869-8078 to discuss.

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