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We believe that each patient’s health matters are unique and that every “body” responds differently. With more than 30 years experience in the natural products industry and over 600 products to select from, Energique® is the practitioner’s trusted source in resolving patients health concerns naturally.  Our broad selections of Herbal Extracts, Homeopathic Remedies, Medicinal Essential Oils and Nutritional Supplements are formulated in-house with quality ingredients and proven technology to provide the best health results.


Choosing the right solution can be challenging. Energique provides multiple product modalities so you can personalize and tailor your patient treatment. Our knowledgeable customer service team is committed to the success of your practice offering personalized assistance to help you find the right holistic health solution for your patients’ optimal well-being.

Our in-house laboratory takes great pride in maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing, and complies with U.S. FDA regulations, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States and drug Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Energique’s on-staff naturopathic doctor plays an integral role in the formulation and manufacturing processes and is available to our practitioner partners for personal consult when the needs arise.


We understand the daily demands and time constraints that our practitioners experience each day.

With hundreds of natural remedies to choose from – including herbal extracts, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, and essential oils – our new Energique web site provides you and your team quick and simple one-stop shopping. We also offer custom shipping direct to your patient to get them on the road to recovery quickly.


Easy Search Solutions: Simply search our catalog by specific natural ingredient, delivery method or by body system to find the best product for your patient.

Extensive Product Choices  

Energique provides three main delivery options for natural healing, using proven technology that results in products with greater nutrient bioavailability and assimilation.

Innovative Extraction Method

Using the whole herb, we employ Spagyric processing methods of extraction to produce quality liquefied herbals. Alternative extraction methods (such as distillation, cold percolation, and agitation) dispose of the herb material after the extraction and do not incorporate the whole herb. Whole herb extracts provide the greatest potential for healing results which otherwise may be lost with other extraction methods. As a result of this specialized process, extracts have less exposure to oxygen, reducing risk of oxidation and maintaining the products’ natural colors.

Herbal Extracts

Our herbal blends and extracts offer higher nanoparticle concentration levels with Energique’s unique compounding method. This offers the appropriate potency and best efficiency of the active ingredients. New formulas are introduced frequently, with more palatable blends designed in mind with patient need and satisfaction.


Energique offers all traditional and innovative nutritional supplement ingredients and blends to support patient health in the most holistic manner available. Our extensive quality assurance program ensures a trusted nutritional product for any symptom.


Using innovative techniques and scientific experience, we blend ingredients tested by our in-house laboratory or third parties to create homeopathic products that are unique and effective. These products offer complementary support to herbal remedies in optimizing your daily health.

Many of our offerings, including our essential oils collection and topical sprays, can only be purchased through Energique.

Learn more about our diverse inventory by browsing our complete Energique Catalog our Stress and Adrenal Support Guide and Therapeutic Guide.

Claims that are based on traditional homeopathic practice are not accepted as medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated. Energique Pro requires that customers log in to certain areas of our website. Portions of the website are only available to certified healthcare professionals, and Energique Pro reserves the right to limit access to only them.

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