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Providing Information Technology via Nanopharmacology

The human body is born with a sophisticated operating system. We can digest food, for example, without even thinking about it—the software is running in the background. But forces in the world can corrupt the software, so to speak—or to use a more traditional metaphor, cause a mistunement in our internal harmony. These forces can be physical (a car accident), environmental (a toxic exposure), or emotional (deep grief, suppressed anger, abuse).

Homeopathy reinstalls the software. It gently reminds the body’s healing energy, or Vital Force, “You know how to do this. Remember?” Or in the mistunement metaphor, using a homeopathic remedy is like summoning a piano tuner instead of utilizing the harsher tools of drugs and surgery.

Because homeopathy conveys information toward restoring proper function, the same remedy can optimize function—strengthening and stimulating an under-functioning thyroid, for example, or down regulating an over-functioning thyroid. It restores balance, so there is no danger of overmedicating.

The actual process of making homeopathic medicines involves repeated dilution to the point where no measurable molecules of the starting substance remain (hence its safety factor).

More importantly, succussions (forceful directional impacts) at each stage of dilution create coherent or structured water. The resulting arrangements of the water molecules are visible under an electron microscope. Each arrangement stores information from the starting substance, and the pattern is unique to that substance, even though they are all made from the same water molecules—just as water molecules can form a myriad of snowflake designs.

The physics behind homeopathy’s method of action is still being revealed, with two Nobel Prize-winning scientists reporting that their discoveries help to explain how it works. Dr. Luc Montagnier, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the AIDS virus, did subsequent experiments with copying DNA, not from physical DNA, but from a water template imprinted with DNA via a homeopathic process. He concluded that “[homeopathy’s] high dilutions are right. . . . They are water structures which mimic the original molecules.” Dr. Brian Josephson, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, has explained that advocates of homeopathic remedies attribute their effects not to molecules present in the water, but to modifications of the water’s structure. Analysis may suggest that water, being a fluid, cannot have a structure of the kind that such a picture would demand. But cases such as that of liquid crystals, which, while flowing like an ordinary fluid, can maintain an ordered structure over macroscopic distances, show the limitations of such thinking.

Nanotechnology (for example, using tiny particles to deliver small amounts of a drug) is a hot topic now in conventional pharmacology because it reduces side effects while maintaining effectiveness in cancer drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, homeopathy has been a form of nanopharmacology from its early days 200 years ago, delivering a medicinal substance with enhanced effectiveness and no side effects. Since it delivers the medicine via information-containing imprinted water, as in Dr. Montagnier’s experiments, we call it “information technology via nanopharmacology.”

Also, as an integrative therapy, homeopathy can enhance the value of nutritional supplements to maintain wellness. Supplements can be viewed like the bricks and mortar of a building. But the body’s construction needs a blueprint to direct where the nutrients go, and homeopathy can provide that energetic blueprint or template. Think about it: the body can extract calcium from food or supplements and deposit it exactly within the outline of a bone. How does it know that? Science has not yet found the answer, but clinical experience has shown that homeopathy can both enhance assimilation and proper deposit of calcium and, more remarkably, assist to dissolve calcium where it does not belong, as in bone spurs.energique logo jpg

Features and Benefits of Energique® homeopathy:

  • Easy to take liquids (no pills to swallow), therefore maintaining a protocol is easy.
  • Non-addictive, and the body does not become dependent on it; over time, less and less of a homeopathic medicine is needed as a condition is healed.
  • Enhances the use of herbal extracts, especially the spagyric herbs uniquely provided by Energique, which seem to work based on the same properties of ultra-high dilution physics.
  • Adding a homeopathic medicine to a healing protocol can affect the body on the physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral levels, beyond what nutritional supplements can convey.

Homeopathy has a wide range of uses:

  • Addressing neurological, glandular, emotional, and cognitive conditions
  • Providing energetic support for target tissues and organs, such as liver, kidney, lungs
  • Balancing hormones for women (optimizing them without bringing in outside hormones, whether synthetic or natural)
  • Enhancing the body’s functions, including digestion, detoxification and immunity

In retrospect, it was about 200 years ago that a German physician/master pharmacist discovered the homeopathic process—or, some would say, he was guided by some higher insight. Samuel Hahnemann drew on healing traditions from around the world, using his knowledge of seven languages to study medicinal herbs from Europe, North Africa, and the Americas. He also interviewed travelers from the East, most likely drawing his concept of the Vital Force from the Ayurvedic concept of prana and the Chinese concept of chi or qi. Homeopathy is thus a blend of both Eastern and Western healing traditions, deriving its strength from ancient herbal knowledge and ultramodern physics.

Today, science has discovered that we are all “energy.” So, welcome to the health balancing and restorative benefits of Homeopathy, Energy Medicine for the 21st century.

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