Methylcobalamin Health Benefits

Dr. Laurell Matthews earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University.


You may have noticed many of the exciting new products we are introducing at Energique®, such as Nerve Pro™ and Gut Brain Spectrum™. We are also updating some of our existing formulas, including replacing cyanocobalamin with the methylcobalamin form of vitamin B12.

The two most common forms of vitamin B12 used in dietary supplements are cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin. The majority of these large molecules is identical, but each has a different moiety attached to the cobalt core. While methylcobalamin contains a methyl group at this location, cyanocobalamin contains a cyanide molecule. In order for the body to utilize cyanocobalamin, the cyanide portion is removed, and vitamin B12 is converted into a form such as methylcobalamin. To eliminate this cyanide, the body utilizes glutathione and methyl donors, such as methylcobalamin. Since cyanide is naturally occurring in some foods, our bodies can usually handle the small amounts of cyanide from cyanocobalamin, but in certain cases, such as renal failure, this may no longer be possible.

When vitamin B12 was first discovered, it was actually believed that cyanocobalamin was its naturally occurring form. This was because early attempts to isolate B12 caused the natural vitamin to inadvertently react with contaminants used in the extraction process, leading to the mistaken conclusion that the resulting cyanocobalamin was the naturally occurring form when in fact it was made by accident and is a purely synthetic molecule. But it also turned out to be relatively shelf-stable and cheaper to manufacture than methylcobalamin, so it continues to be used in supplements even though the latter has since been determined to be the active form in the body.

As well as sparing the body the necessity of detoxifying additional cyanide, methylcobalamin offers many health benefits. Methylcobalamin is biologically active, meaning it is ready to be used by the body as is. It can cross the blood brain barrier, which is important because of the many roles of B12 in the central nervous system. Methylcobalamin can also act as a methyl donor, where methyl groups are used in the body for numerous biochemical processes, like neurotransmitter production and detoxification. As a methyl donor, vitamin B12 can help support normal homocysteine levels and therefore cardiovascular and brain health. Vitamin B12 is utilized in the production of healthy red blood cells so is important for normal energy production. It is also an important nutrient for nerve and mood health and may help us maintain a normal circadian rhythm.


Energique is dedicated to providing innovative products that are easy for the body to utilize. As well as our current products containing methylcobalamin, such as Methylfol and Nerve Pro, look for these updated products that now also offer it:

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