Energique is attending the Qest4 Think Tank

Energique is once again pleased to participate in the 2019 Qest4 Think Tank.  This year, the conference is being held in Savannah, Georgia through September 28th.

This event has continued to grow and evolve each year. It’s popularity and following is such that many practitioners register for the next year before ever leaving the conference. This year’s theme is called Ancient Energy. Modern Solutions.

The Qest4 System is a fully automated hardware and software package, this software interface allows you to evaluate your client’s parameters of energetic health using information gathered through the hardware system via painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes.  Loaded with the 20 most commonly used bioenergetic tests, its flexibility allows you to create a virtually unlimited number of specialized tests, including allergy sensitivity testing and food sensitivity. These tests are designed to gather the clinical information that is most valuable for your office and your clients.  The features and functions of this comprehensive system give you everything you need for effective testing.  The system includes a library of over 40,000 homeopathic, nutritional, herbal, and pharmaceutical items (including Energique) for rapid energetic evaluation of their potential effectiveness for your patient.

To learn more about the Energique products associated with the Qest4 system, please contact our experienced customer service representatives by email at info@energiquepro.com or call us at 800-869-8078.

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